As a Vegan I only use organic perfume

In the years that they’ve been, you start pay much more attention as to where everyday products actually originate from, I even go as far as to ensure that I only use organic perfume, whether I’m it at home or going for a night out. Now there are some disadvantages with being so choosy as to weigh your cosmetics come from, you’re certainly going to end up paying a premium to ensure that your perfumes are sourced from natural sources. To me though this price is indeed a small price to pay because the peace of mind they give you knowing that you’re not putting harmful chemicals and animal tested products on yourself far outweighs any negatives of paying more for organic products.

Finding your organic perfumes can be a little bit of a problem however, it is true that you do not necessarily have the choice that people who buy regular perfumes have. The users wait to do this is to shop online and speak to other people who use similar products and cosmetics and see where they source theirs from. Important thing to look for is an endorsement by an organic organisation, or perhaps this freekick that’s explicitly states that the ingredients are certified to be completely organically grown.

organic perfume

The advantages of using an organic perfume

Advantages of using an organic perfume fairly obvious, all of the constituent ingredients are sourced from things that are grown in nature and without the use of pesticides another harmful chemicals during the process. This means that you can be sure that your fragrances are not harmful to the environment, added to this you can also get cruelty free products which means that no animals were involved in the testing of the products. For me this is an ethical choice as I would hate to think that I would use something that has caused another living creature to suffer.

So if you’re taking both of these things into account getting a cruelty free and organically grown perfume can be a bit of a trying matter but if you take enough time you can find a reliable source online. In future post I’m going to be talking about one of two specific companies open able to source cosmetics from and I will report back on my findings.